Our robust AS/RS solutions offer the flexibility and speed for each application, from e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment to grocery distribution and everything in between.

  • Goods-to-operator order fulfillment — Combine with conveyor systems, light directed pickings or voice picking to reduce walk times and improve picking efficiency
  • Just-in-time inventory management — Quickly respond to reduced inventory levels to avoid stock outs while minimizing inventory costs
  • Product sequencing and buffering — Deliver the right products and quantities to keep downstream processes running smoothly and efficiently
  • Mixed-load, full-case and break-pack order fulfillment — Manage inventory release to support advanced processes that increase efficiency within the warehouse and beyond
  • Route-based delivery sequencing — Sequence product release to optimize truck load patterns for faster, more efficient deliveries

AS/RS systems store and retrieve product with speed and accuracy. Mini-Load AS/RS systems improve picking accuracy. The elimination of lift trucks reduces noise levels and contributes to an all-around safer work environment.


The rail-guided stacker cranes of the MONO series are aisle-bound models characterized by their excellent performance.


The curve-going stacker cranes of the MULTI series are designed to work in more than one aisle. They can reach every storage aisle effortlessly.


Smart Energy Management system for rail-guided stacker cranes, considerably improves the economics of an automated warehousing system. Rail-guided stacker cranes are therefore much more efficient– and achieve that without a loss in performance.


COMPACT SHUTTLE system for high-bay warehouses, introduces an unprecedented efficiency into pallet storage and retrieval thanks to its compact design and flexible operation.


High throughput and maximum storage density for automated pallet handling. 

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