Our picking solutions are designed to increase picking efficiency and picking accuracy. We offer voice and light directed solutions as well as solutions which combines the benefits of both light and voice directed picking technologies.

Whether shipping direct-to-consumer, replenishing store inventory or both, S&H Systems offers the ideal mix of material flow and picking technologies for fulfillment operations.


The process of picking is unarguably the single most critical, Cost intensive yet difficult process that directly impacts the top line of organizations on a day to day basis. Organizations regularly strive to achieve higher pick rates while trying to sustain the pick rate accuracies amidst the ever growing customer demand of smaller orders, shorter turnaround time, and spot on order fulfilment accuracy.


Specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial-warehouse environments, our voice solution is precisely tailored to your specific business needs. This option helps transform your existing warehouse processes and systems by offering re-engineering opportunities to deliver the next generation of business results without putting your day-to-day operations at risk. Voice directed picking integrates easily to fully leverage your existing operation, including your WMS / ERP systems and other IT infrastructure.

Multi-line Order Consolidation – E-commerce Companies

The advent of Online retailing has taken the Global Economy by storm and has posed a new set of Supply chain challenges such as High number of SKUs, Smaller Order Size, Seasonal Spikes, Short order Processing timelines, variable shipment profiles and many more.


Carousels are an affordable way to increase accuracy and productivity. In fact, a horizontal carousel usually costs no more than a well-equipped forklift truck.


Mobile Robots provide an innovative goods-to-person solution for fulfillment operations and automated material movement in warehouses which cater to end customers, retail stores and production floors. These systems consist of robots, workstations, storage racks, and smart charging safety controllers and connectivity peripherals.


The Mechanics of Mobile robotic picking provides a full automation solution. It works efficiently with the mobile robot goods-to -person system.

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