Falcon Autotech Sortation delivers accuracy, speed and affordability

Jun 5, 2019 / by S&H Systems

Falcon Autotech Sortation delivers accuracy, speed and affordability – especially for small parcel operations – and is available only through S&H Systems.

Ecommerce small parcel demand is being driven by several positive economic factors, and 2019 is on track for record-breaking growth. That means distribution and order fulfillment centers are taking on an ever more critical role in delivery and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating sortation units into your distribution center can increase both accuracy and throughput, leading to increased profits and a competitive advantage, as well as meeting expanding customer expectations.

Falcon Autotech Sortation technologies deliver all of these benefits plus one more – affordability.

Economical: Falcon Autotech is centered in one of the most tech-forward, yet cost-competitive areas of the world. They concept, manufacture and deliver economical sortation options that are the equal of any in the world – and lower the cost of sortation units through innovative engineering techniques that make sortation less complex, with easy to replace parts, and options that reduce down-time whenever routing changes need to be made.

Flexible and Scalable: Every small parcel distribution center has its own unique product, delivery and space challenges. With so many Falcon sortation product options, from linear arm to cross-belt sorters, your distribution or fulfillment center can handle spikes, peaks and thousands of SKU’s with more efficiency and increased accuracy.

Small Parcel Expertise: Increased accuracy, throughout, and happier customers – all at an affordable price. SH Systems can bring this exciting technology, coupled with their in-depth small parcel experience, to your distribution center. 

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