S&H Systems Announces New Partnership with DAMBACH

Dec 18, 2018 / by S&H Systems

S&H Systems is always looking for ways to improve our processes and operations to serve our clients better. To achieve the highest standard possible, we have joined forces with many other outstanding companies over the years. Each of our partners brings something new to the way we do things here at S&H Systems, which is why we’re excited to announce we have just acquired a new partner, DAMBACH Lagersysteme. Learn a little more about this company and how our collaboration will generate even more success for our clients.


Learn about DAMBACH Lagersysteme
With a wide range of cutting-edge technology, DAMBACH Lagersysteme has everything needed to keep warehouses operating smoothly and effectively. DAMBACH combines high-quality materials handling and warehousing technologies to create efficient systems. Their storage and retrieval machines and material handling systems play an important role in productivity and competitiveness in virtually every industrial and commercial enterprise.

DAMBACH Lagersysteme was founded in 1974, offering rail-guided storage and retrieval machines. Their business continued to grow and develop over the next few decades, enabling them to add pallet-handling technology to their product range in 2013. DAMBACH Lagersysteme was established in southern Germany; they also have a branch in Michigan. DAMBACH always strives to create warehouse solutions that are both durable and sustainable for all their many clients, so they can rely on their systems for years to come. S&H Systems is delighted to partner with DAMBACH; this new partnership is guaranteed to lead to significant accomplishments for both of our companies. 

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